Addison M. Fischer, Co-Founder & President

Addison Fischer’s career began as a computer entrepreneur when he created his first high-tech startup company in 1973. He ultimately went on to become majority owner of RSA Data Security, which founded VeriSign. Since 1981, he has served as co-owner, with Mr. Stanley Druckenmiller, of Duquesne Capital Management. +Read full bio

Cindy Mercer

Cindy Mercer, Co-Founder & Vice President

As a strategist and philanthropist deeply committed to alliance building, Cindy Mercer has managed a variety of private foundations and public charities since 1992. A passion for collaborative and innovative philanthropy led her to serve on the board of The Philanthropy Workshop West. +Read full bio

Tracey Durning, Executive Director

Tracey Durning is a social change strategist and entrepreneur and the Executive Director of Planet Heritage Foundation where she manages the grant-making portfolio and builds the foundation’s startups. +Read full bio

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