Addison M. Fischer, Co-Founder & President

Addison Fischer’s career began as a computer entrepreneur when he created his first high-tech startup company in 1973. He ultimately went on to become majority owner of RSA Data Security, which founded VeriSign. Since 1981, he has served as co-owner, with Mr. Stanley Druckenmiller, of Duquesne Capital Management. +Read full bio

Cindy Mercer

Cindy Mercer, Co-Founder & Vice President

As a strategist and philanthropist deeply committed to alliance building, Cindy Mercer has managed a variety of private foundations and public charities since 1992. A passion for collaborative and innovative philanthropy led her to serve on the board of The Philanthropy Workshop West. +Read full bio

Tracey Durning, Executive Director

Tracey Durning is the Executive Director of Planet Heritage Foundation helping to drive, manage and build the startup initiatives for the foundation’s key focus areas: oceans, conservation and climate change. +Read full bio

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